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Joan Bowyer

Vice President, Customer Service at Verizon Wireless

Strategic thinker who leads you to deliver results. At Verizon I worked with Chris when she led the Midwest Area to leading results and when she was the strategic and operational leader for the end to end customer experience. Chris’s understanding of strategy and the underlying executional tactics enable her to lead her teams to delivering results and self-development. Chris works closely with individuals to clarify the goal and guide them to optimal performance. Chris’s focus on professional and personal development make her an inspiring leader and coach.

Karan Mehra

Director of Finance Transformation Verizon

Authentic, inspirational and driven are three words I would use to describe Chris Baron's leadership style. I have had the immense pleasure of working with Chris on domestic and international projects for many years. What has touched me the most is her sense of positioning people she believes in, to showcase their abilities for the best chances of their success. Chris' ability to get to the point, give constructive feedback and never shy away from difficult conversations gives people an unambiguous understanding of the path forward. I have been fortunate enough to have Chris as a sounding board, a coach and a mentor. She has also been instrumental in helping me achieve my health goals - A true mentor that cares.

Pam Boyd

Co-Founder/President Thomas Boyd Communications

Leadership. Inspiration. Drive. These three words immediately come to mind when I reflect on the time I spent working closely with Chris during her 7-year tenure as President of Verizon Wireless’ Philadelphia Tri-State Region. Chris demonstrated time and time again her ability to motivate and inspire employees of all levels. With an eye for good talent and hard work ethic, Chris helped stellar employees grow into the higher ranks of VZW. She also took pride in utilizing her executive leadership status to support causes that were near and dear to her heart.

Bryan Dudek

Director of Real Estate Potbelly Sandwich Works

I had the pleasure of working with Chris for several years at Verizon and there’s no better way to describe her other than being a true leader with the utmost integrity. As a leader, she regularly demonstrated the values that she professed to believe in which gave her true credibility and allowed others to place their trust in her. Chris often lead by example by saying “do as I do” rather than just “do as I say” which was personally very influential to me as I looked to further develop my own leadership skills. Chris always showed passion for whatever she did both professionally & personally outside the workplace. With that, I know first-hand the passion that Chris has for health & wellness in addition to helping others so I’m truly excited for her next chapter in this space!

Stephanie Bury Cairns

Director of Sales Operations Verizon Wireless

I had the wonderful opportunity to work on Chris' team several times during her impressive career as an executive at Verizon Wireless. Chris is an outstanding, passionate leader with a natural ability to coach, mentor, and achieve results. Her leadership experience and approach will undoubtedly assist and inspire her clients to reach their goals.

Greg Haller

CEO, Mobile Marketing Startup

Leader, mentor, colleague, people developer, friend. A few of the words to describe Chris. She built her career on the simple truth that treating people with respect and showing them what success looks like will lead to a loyal team that will charge any hill for you and will deliver. Chris is a passionate leader that chooses her words wisely, not needing to dictate a conversation, allowing others to find solutions. I have learned many lessons just by being in her company and listening to her words. Chris could be successful in any industry, especially one that values humble leadership and employee focus.

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